New Traffic Signals Result of New Development

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT turned on new traffic signals Wednesday in Lycoming County which were put there to help handle increased traffic.

A growing natural gas industry has helped create more traffic in the Muncy area and led to new business.

With the flip of a switch, the four-way intersection between Muncy and Hughesville had working traffic lights. To some, it's a small change in the way they get around this area.

The new stop lights signal a need for added safety as more and more traffic uses this stretch of Route 405 that has a new CVS Pharmacy and soon, a Sheetz.

"Never thought we'd see a red light, but we have one now right out front," said Steve Kaiser.

Kaiser is general manager of Fairfield Dodge, Chrysler Jeep and Ram, directly across the street from all the new business. Kaiser said the area was mostly rural. Now, he hopes the development drives customers to the dealership.

"There's going to be a lot of traffic from what they say, they say there's going to be more building," he said.

With all the new development along Route 405 PennDOT has installed an antenna at the new intersection that coordinates with another intersection at Route 405 and 442 a short distance away.

"So they will be making traffic flow efficiently through this corridor," said PennDOT Traffic Control Specialist Matt Swartz.

The traffic signals are a direct result of Sheetz opening for business next month, according to PennDOT.

Walter Levan has lived around here for years and said it's hard to miss all the change happening and the need to handle all the traffic.

"I don't know how it'll be yet, we'll see. Not the cornfield it used to be. No, that's for sure. Like I said everywhere that's been that it's all been growing up," said Levan.

Again, that Sheetz is expected to open along Route 405 early next month.

The traffic signals are now working at that intersection so be prepared to stop if the light's red.


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