School Closings And Delays

Feeding The Hungry In Schuylkill County

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- Some school students in Schuylkill County are competing to collect food for the less fortunate.

Officials said the competition has children getting a lesson on helping keep food pantries full.

Volunteers appreciate the help. They stock the shelves with donated food at the food pantry in Orwigsburg.  The food comes from eight area churches. Normally 90 families are served every month.

Jeb Hart, a volunteer, said that number is expected to rise very soon.

"The major holidays we run anywhere from 120 to 150 that would be Thanksgiving and Christmas."

More help is on the way to the Orwigsburg and Schuylkill Haven food pantries.  Food is being collected by elementary school children in the Schuylkill Haven Area and Blue Mountain School Districts.  It's a competition of sorts for the kids.

"I think it's kind of fun because it's getting you to bring in cans," fourth grader Martina McAfee explained.

Collin Felty, another fourth grader said he brought boxes filled with canned food.

"I think it's important to do this because if we don't, some people will get really hungry."

Schuylkill Haven School Superintendent Lorraine Felker explained an important life lesson is being taught.

"We have families who are struggling and it's very good to see that the children can help their classmates," Felker said.

School officials said last year they collected 10,000 food items. They hope to surpass that this year.