Child Abuse Charges Against Carbondale Man

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CARBONDALE — A father from Lackawanna County is facing a number of charges for allegedly hurting his infant.

Investigators say Matthew Brown, 22, of Carbondale squeezed his daughter so hard Monday that she suffered bruises and several broken ribs.

Brown told police he was frustrated because the baby would not stop crying.

He is charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and other charges.

Authorities say the baby girl is hospitalized in critical condition


  • Frank

    Children need to be protected at all costs. They do not have the means to protect themselves. This piece of trash deserves the ultimate sentence. Death….. Call me barbaric but you have a child that has no means of protecting themselves and when you have a coward such as this they only understand one thing. They usually try and blame the child saying it was their fault that they acted as they did. How about this hurt a child on purpose to justify your actions and you will no longer be a threat to anyone. End of story and end of you hurting or endangering another child…….

  • Chris

    Some people shouldnt have children. I’m praying
    the baby completely recovers. I hope the little girl
    is put with people that will love her. Her father should
    never be aloud to see her, again. He should be
    sqeezed so hard that ribs brake.

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