Carbon County Officer Remembered

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LANSFORD -- We're finding out more about the circumstances of the police officer from Carbon County who authorities say killed himself last Friday.

Video of Carbon County Deputy Sheriff Dave Midas was taken only days before he killed himself.  Friends say his job as a deputy sheriff and Lansford police officer were important to him.

"He associated with so many different age groups from kids being involved with DARE programs in school, various activities with the kids," said Christopher Ondrus. "Even the older people when he was dancing the polkas on TV you always knew that it was him because he was the quickest one there."

Lansford police officer Christopher Ondrus was a friend of Dave Midas and godfather to one of the Midas children.  Ondrus says Friday night he took a ride with Midas after Midas showed up at his house in an unmarked police car and pointed a gun at him.

"I could have gotten out of the car but I didn't. That's what everyone needs to know," Ondrus said. "I wasn't scared; it wasn't what it played out to be. He wanted to talk and I wanted to be with my friend and I was there until the last second."

Investigators say their ride ended in downtown Jim Thorpe.  Dave Midas ended his life in front of his friend by shooting himself.  Ondrus says why that happened is anyone's guess.

"He kept talking about so many different things that I really don't know what was the main reason and there were all kinds of things, nothing specific."

A lot of people knew Dave Midas. He was respected by his peers and the community.

"We're going to miss that smile.Dave had a smile that everybody loved."

Dave Midas leaves behind two boys and a wife. The couple were expecting a third child in December.


    • Derek

      Midas found out, and found out the baby might not be his. That would explain A LOT especially from the looks of this video…”said a lot but nothing specific” you serious dude? This was just what I heard but it would make a lot of sense.

  • Doreen Briese

    There is something odd about this tragic story, we will never know. There is more, only a few know and at least for now, it will stay that way, there is so much that goes on here that does not get in the news, it gets quickly hushed up. I feel bad for the family.

    • Sundown

      yah, true that, so his friend sat there in the car with him when he shot himself? when he got to his friend’s house calling on his friend he pointed the gun at his friend, the friend got in the car with, and then sat there while Dave shot himself…yeah, real strange as you said!

  • friend of dave

    bob’y mc douche said the couple “were expecting”….sorry to be crude but wtf is with a comment like that??? she’s still expecting regardless of this tragic event

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