Fire, Burglaries In Storage Units Under Investigation

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EAST NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP -- Flames tore through a business in Schuylkill County and authorities say that same business was also the target of burglars.

Troopers want to know if there is a connection between the blaze and the burglaries.

There is not much left inside the offices of Saint Clair Storage. The cause of the fire that destroyed the offices is under investigation. No one was in the structure at the time.

"When she told me about the fire, I felt, really, relief because you can replace things from a fire but a human loss you can never replace," Rudy Gherghel of Saint Clair Storage.

Outside of the Saint Clair Storage offices there is another state police investigation.  Eight of the storage units were burglarized. The criminals cut the padlocks.

Luis Vazquez is a victim, although he doesn't think anything is missing from his unit.

"I found the two pieces of lock on the ground and that was my main concern because some were broken into," said Vazquez.  "I doubt it would be me (being targeted) because I don't know many people here."

State police want to know if there is a link between the fire and the burglaries.

"Especially when the locks were cut, so far nothing was taken so that's great. It seems an unlikely coincidence that nothing was taken," said Jason Gherghel of Saint Clair Storage.

The owners of the business want to thank the firefighters. Although the fire started in there, they were able to stop the flames from coming into their warehouse.