Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 5-Year-Old

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WATSONTOWN -- A man is in custody for allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl in Northumberland County.

Watsontown police charged Charles Hollenbach, 50 , with assault on Saturday.

Hollenbach is accused of assaulting the 5-year-old several times this month.

He is locked up in Northumberland County on 100,000 dollars bail.


  • mastermind

    Don’t get to snug about a prosecution and/or conviction!!!! I remember a case back in 2010 when a man was accused of child rape and eight other horrible charges and the man was found not guilty on six and the other charges were a hung jury. Remember, this is America, and you are innocent until proven guilty.

  • Paul Vukovich

    It’s really sad and upsetting, to hear stories like this. An innocent child, the victim of such a hideous crime. Our laws are not strict enough for this type of behavior, when crimes against a child are committed, the maximum punishment should apply.I have seen this type of disgusting crime, committed in our area, way too often. The thug, hires a smooth talking attorney, the mouthpiece stands in front of a jury, telling the jury that his client was abused as a child, the fast talking hired Perry Mason wannabe, stands in front of the jury, and works the jury,like puppets on a string, ” my client was the victim of sexual child abuse”,making the jury’ sympatheic towards the evil demon that committed the crime. In the end, the thug walks away with, minimum prison time, and psychiatric counseling, only to do it again, down the road. The victim, a recipient of a lifetime of broken dreams, broken spirit, and clouded mind………

  • Bill

    Being a survivor of sexual abuse, stories like these makes me ill. I am very glad that WNEP has the courage to broadcasts them and appreciate that fact. Making these attacks public may encourage the abused or those that know abused children to come forward.
    There are so many stories like this in the WNEP listening area that it makes one wonder why is this so common in this area. In all my years living in one of the largest cities, I have never heard so many accounts of pedophilia. Is there something in the water?

    • DuEast

      Same here Bill, I had lived in a large city before here and it’s epidemic here, or so it might seem because in a neighborhood boro of 1 million people; these are more spread out, however, since there a quite a few prisons around the area, many of them who are let out after serving their cat naps settle somewhere around here.

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