Murder-Suicide Leaves Father, Toddler Dead

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FORTY FORT-- Crime tape surrounded two homes in Forty Fort Sunday afternoon, as state police and the Luzerne County Coroner investigated the scene of an apparent murder-suicide.

Sobbing family members held each other tight after learning the unbearable news from investigators Sunday.

According to police, Camryn Shultz, 1, had been shot and killed by her father Nick, who then turned the gun on himself.

Grandfather Tom Hess said that shortly before the killings, Nick had called Camryn's mother Jessee with a chilling message.

"Told her to say good-bye to her daughter, she said 'What do you mean?' he said, 'I've got one bullet for her and one for me,'" said Hess.

Family members said the parents split up about a week and a half ago.

"We thought he was just trying to scare us, we called 911 and said to get the police over here," said Hess.

Just one day before, the family celebrated the little girl's second birthday, which would have been on Tuesday.

"She loved Minnie Mouse, that was the big theme of the party, Minnie Mouse, she loved it, first thing in the door in the morning she would say that I want to see Minnie."

It was Camryn's Minnie Mouse doll that Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis removed from the house on Wesley Street in Forty Fort and presented to her crying mother.

"We are still conducting our investigation, but our quick run through is that he has not had a criminal history, or any domestic disputes," said Salavantis.

Now a stunned family is left to grieve.

"She was just a gorgeous little two-year old she liked to call me "pop pop" and grammy was "mom mom," added Hess.


  • bella

    The reality of this is two lives have been lost at the hands of a disturbed person. Regardless of why which no one will ever know they will only have their opinion they are still lost. This beautiful child served a purpose here on earth even if it were for a short time it was to bring joy to her family and show all that love lives among us. Her father did not have the right to decide this terrible fate but he did and nothing we say or do will change this fact. This beautiful will also serve a purpose in her death…..she will forever stay in her families hearts to remind them of all the good in the world. She will remind them of love and when they see her smiling face in their thoughts it will make them smile and be thankful for her time here on earth the thought will warm their hearts once again.

  • emmyfrench3

    I live right done the street! That poor child. My heart and prayers go to everyone involved. Rest In peace sweet innocent baby. As for the argument going on about God, you are all ridiculous! if you ever learned anything about religion you’ll know that God put us on this Earth with morals of how to be a good person, that’s it!! It is not up to Him on what we do it is our choice to do right or wrong. Your argument is just as bad as the news reporters being in the families face right away, you should only be concerned about the tragedy at hand not your selfish opinions! This isn’t about you or God, it is about an innocent child and two families that are now shattered!Wether you are religious or not it doesn’t matter have your own opinion but do not cause drama over it because you found the chance in a tragedy!!

  • pmoffler

    If there was a righteous “GOD” this would have never happened. Come to think of it, can 1 person tell me where “GOD” prevented ANYTHING so terrible anywhere? Hmmm Allowing the innocent to pay the price is just outrageous!

    • Gina Hatton

      God has given us all the gift of choice. He can not force us to do good if he could, how could we ever choose right from wrong. This is so unfortunate. But I know God has that little girl now. She is safe now more then ever.

      • pmoffler

        You call it choice? how about all the believers are blind cattle. I’m a veteran and a blind cattle means I failed. I refuse to kill someone in the name of “GOD” just because “GOD” says so. “GOD” also allowed millions of innocent people to die in his name. WHY?

  • Cbj

    Instead of arguing about god and blaming cops, why dont you all just think of the family involved and keep them in your heart. I think it is very sad that people take a very sad situation and turn it into arguments. My thoughts go out to this whole family. Very heart broken. A little angel gone to soon.

  • Bob

    why dont we get off the bull, god this god that. a 2 yr old is an inocent life, and now its gone. it doesnt matter now who could have and should have, sometimes things are hidden so well you dont see it comming, and i speak from experiance. so sad this little life is gone, my heart goes out to the family.

  • Ed

    I understand the news stations have a job to do, but could you at least have waited until the family had some time to grieve? Instead you shoved your camera and microphone in that poor man’s face. Where is your tact?

  • ME

    This is so sad. My heart aches for this family. It is just unfortunate that this father couldn’t get beyond his own selfish motives of revenge. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. Only a coward would hurt an innocent child to get back at her mother. For those talking about God, God doesn’t commit crimes or evil. Man does. For those saying the cops failed, what do you think they are? Ghosts who can fly to scene and prevent every mishap? Get real.

    • Ruth Hill

      There is not one but 2 familys grieving Nicholas family are heart broken. this was not a bad person just snapped under pressure, definetly not right but you must feel sorry for him to.

  • Chris

    when I read this, I cried because I have a 2 year
    old daughter. I cant imagine what the mother
    is going through. my heart goes out to her.

    • bobby

      You got that right!!!!! I lost my faith long ago!!!!! How can a loving God(Which doesn’t exist)(Knowing all and seeing all), let this crap happen!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ME

        Because man has free will and doesn’t always follow the concepts of living a good life, like “Thou Shall Not Kill.” That’s how it happens. Man, not God.

  • Chuck Place

    What an awful thing !!!!!!
    POS shoulda only used the second round .
    Prayers for the family and this innocent little girl.

    • Kate D

      If the man hung up the phone and did it within seconds, it wouldn’t have mattered if the police had wings to get there.

      Very sad story. My thoughts are with the families and friends who will have to try to make sense of this.

  • Chuck Toon Lamoreaux

    God gives us the freedom of choice. I do not blame God in heaven for what a monster does on earth. But they took him out of the schools, out of the pledge of allegiance out of our government and expect him to come to the side of us?

    • Melanie Riggleman

      I agree with chuck! If your blaiming god it’s horrible but somethings god just can’t stop to teach others an learn! I don’t blaim god I blaim the ppl on this heart that is putting god on the back burner! Blaim the damn world for not seeing signs an don’t try an stop it! We don’t know the entire story or the big picture in the long run! I pray for all involved! Rip

    • bobby

      Don’t give me that crap!!!!!!! Your illusion has been turning a blind eye for centuries upon centuries and then, once in a while a good thing happens, it’s PRAISE the LORD!! Halleluiah!!! Jesus saves, Oh, what a great God we have!! Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales!!!!!!! When sane grown-ups stop believing in a talking snakes and 2 animals of every species on a giant boat, there will be peace on this Earth!!!!!

  • Deb mother of three and divorced...

    That is so sad a innocent child had to die because of a split of moter and fathers…what has this world come to….

  • pmoffler

    Reblogged this on just a vets opinion and commented:
    Can someone tell me what possible reason our “GOD” would allow this to happen to a totally innocent child who never had a chance to live her life? God could have easily stopped this from happening RIGHT?

    • Mom of 2

      I think that it is not up to us to understand stuff like this. It is just not something anyone thinks about. It is also not up to us to ask God why. Just pray for this family tonight and for many days to follow!! :'(

      • pmoffler

        You are the last one I get to say this to. Do you like behaving like cattle being led to the slaughter? What happened to thou shalt not kill? It’s ok for “GOD” to kill, or the Israelites, or the crusades, or the Holocaust was ok? Don’t ask questions just die with no arguement? Not me I was military and fight if need be. I don’t lie down for anyone

    • L.S.

      I don’t know why people blame God. The bible clearly says satan is the god of this world. God is NOT controlling everything going on here on earth. The bible goes on to say that whatever we (humans) allow on earth will be allowed by heaven. God isn’t making choices for us. He’s not controlling us. He’s allowing what we allow, because he gave the earth to man, who in-turn gave it to satan. Jesus got the keys back, but he won’t reign again until the millennial reign. God is not guilty of sin. And anyone who says he allows or causes such tragedies is saying he is guilty of sin. It’s also saying that God asks us to be better behaved than he is–which isn’t so. So people need to stop listening to preachers and just believing that they say and actually start reading and studying the bible…in it’s original language. That helps clarify a lot!

      • chinchillazilla

        Sure, but God created everything. Including Satan, even though he knew ahead of time (because he’s omniscient) that Satan would ruin everything. Thanks a lot, God.

      • M

        No, Romans 13 clearly says that ALL authorities are placed over us by God, not Satan. So, when a court gives the abusive father permission to terrorize the family, then that court is the authority. ALL means ALL.

      • pmoffler

        REALLY? not guilty of sin? He allowed millions to die in the holocaust. How many died in the crusades? Why was Israel considered the most deadly army of the early ages? In the name of “GOD”? REALLY? how about thou shalt not kill? Do you like being like cattle being led to slaughter? How stupid is that?

    • Jason

      God didn’t create sin, man did. So to answer your question, no. I didn’t know this little girl, but would have taken her place. So sad

      • pmoffler

        Well I’ll tell you! Have you ever been anywhere besides your comfortable home in your comfortable town with a table full of food everyday? I have been almost all the way around the world and have seen what “GOD” allows the most innocent to go through. T don’t think I have seen “GOD” intervene in anything! WHY? So “GOD” can sit there and laugh?

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