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Tae Bo Creator Billy Blanks Makes a Stop in Dickson City

DICKSON CITY — A big name in the martial arts world made a stop in part of Lackawanna County Saturday.

Seven-time world champion and creator of Tae Bo, joined the class at Kovaleski Karate U-S-A in Dickson city.

Blanks is well known for his career in martial arts and even some movies.

He was able to join the aspiring athletes for part of the day to teach two seminars.

The owner of Kovaleski Karate says Billy Blanks is able to share a lot of what he knows about Tang Soo Do, and Taekwondo and of course, his signature work-out Tae bo.

“Grandmaster Billy Blanks was the top fighter in all the world, he’s such an inspiration to millions of people, he’s changed people’s lives through Tae Bo and martial arts,” said Grandmaster Eric Kovaleski.

Blanks will be back at it again Sunday, teaching a martial arts seminar in Dickson city.

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