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Twin Sisters Deliver Baby Boys On Same Day

UNION COUNTY — Alexandrea Condon and Addison Firman of the Milton area are fraternal twins.

They said they are nothing alike, but they finish each other’s sentences, and each is the proud mommy of a new baby boy.

Both babies were born on the exact same day: Thursday October 24, 2013 at the very same hospital where their mommies were born: Evangelical Community Hospital near Lewisburg.

“Everyone is like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ and I’m like, ‘Really?’ is it that cool?” said Addison Firman of White Deer Township.

One in about 30 pregnancies results in twins.

But what are the odds of twin sisters giving birth to baby boys on the exact same day? Well, the experts say it is rare.

“We actually found out on the same day that we were pregnant, March 10,” said Alexandrea Condon of Lewisburg.

The sisters said they were not expecting it, but they are glad to share this special bond.

It is not as if the sisters had the same due date.

Peyton was born four weeks early and Hudson came three weeks early.

The sisters said they hope cousins Peyton and Hudson will be close.

“They’ll kind of be built in friends growing up,” said Addison Firman.


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