School District Won’t Appeal Ruling to Rehire Teachers

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Newswatch 16 has learned that officials with the Tunkhannock Area School District have decided to give up their fight to lay off some teachers.

At a meeting tonight school district officials announced they would not appeal an arbitrator's ruling that they must rehire 32 educators.

More than a year ago the district announced layoffs but the teacher's union successfully proved that district officials violated a signed agreement prohibiting layoffs.

The teachers are now back on the job in the Tunkhannock Area School District.


  • SBSP12345

    This is absurd. Don’t the people of Wyoming County (TAXPAYERS) have a say in this ? We are the ones having to pay for this !

    • dumbdumb

      You mean the same taxpayers who allow teacher unions. the same tax payers the teacher unions appeal to about ‘quality education” . It’s the taxpayers fault because the taxpayers voted for the school board members who signed this crappy agreement under pressure from the taxpayers.

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