Miniature Libraries Available In Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- Saturday is Make a Difference day throughout Schuylkill County, a chance for people all over the county to help their neighbors.

Some teachers and students got a jump on the event a day early.

Some students are about to make a difference in Pottsville. They and some teachers from the D.H.H. Lengel Middle School have developed a project to promote reading.

It may look like a bird house but it's a miniature library. It's near the middle school. Teacher Steph Ziegmont watches as students fill it with books which are free for the taking.

"We do have the book store in Saint Clair and I'm glad they're trying to promote literacy but we don't have a book store here in any of our malls, locally, this is for kids to get books that they normally wouldn`t be able to purchase." Ziegmont said.

After the one library was in place, the team of students and teachers were off to the Greenwood Hill playground to install a second one.

Student Marielle Prezywara said she's excited about the program.

"It's a great way to get the community to give them books for free and without leaving the neighborhood."

Sixth grader Damon Yost agrees.

"I think it`s a good opportunity for the kids that can't afford books can get them for free," Damon said.

The students helped build the miniature libraries under the supervision of Leslie Payne. He teaches among other things carpentry.

"It's really good to see girls getting involved. It's unusual. Most people think my curriculum is guy driven course but these girls were really involved," Payne said.

School officials said this is not the end of the project.  They have at least two more of these outdoor libraries to install.