Investigators: Coal Company Not the Source of Dirty Air

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LATTIMER -- People who live in village of Lattimer, not far from Hazleton in Luzerne County, have been complaining about excessive noise and dust.

Residents we spoke with believe it is coming from a nearby coal crushing operation.

The Department of Environmental Protection said they investigated the source.  Officials held a public meeting on Thursday to tell the community they could not link the dust to the coal operation.

Even so, people said just want the company to be a good neighbor.

"Silenced some of their machinery, start watering down the roads more and watering down the stone as they were bringing in from the crushers, it has subsided at this point dramatically," said Marguerite Benderavich, of Lattimer.

The investigation into the dirty air continues and another meeting with the D.E.P. is set for next month.