Coaches Corner: Week 9

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  • sam

    every week we see s. columbia, mt carmel, old forge, lewisburg, and berwick.meantime dunmore gets a small mention and no more. they beat old forge, and s. columbia in there last meetings but are consistently ranked behind s.columbia.going to the state final does not matter here. they were not mentioned in the most exciting games, best teams,yet somehow mr. armillay always talks up riverside and old forge.he is absolutely the most biased high school commentator i have ever seen.maybe if coach henzes ran up the scores there would be more recognition. think about it , dunmore has been very good for quite a while, yet they do not put 50 pts. on the scorebord ever,except for this years holy cross game , when the first team was sitting while still in the first quarter.also when using local players for demonstrating agility drills mr. armillay specifically singles out #4 from old forge, describing him as a great linebacker, (which he is) however it is only this player who receives an infomercial on his behalf. the dunmore player #74, not a word.dunmore has had 2 running backs the last 3 years that could have both run for 2500 to 3000yds. coach henzes does not play that way,if he did maybe these kids,#1and#26 and all the other players on dunmore would get a little more fairness from mr.armillay.jim coles has always been a fair guy and very enjoyable, thank you jim. mr williams seems like a good guy and i realize he is more familiar with the southen teams, he is also very enjoyable. as for mr. armillay please try to at least pretend to be fair. thank you

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