Getting Prepared For The Holidays

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POTTSVILLE -- Salvation Army centers in our area are getting ready for the holidays.

Officials with Pottsville's chapter said the need this year is greater than ever.

The Salvation Army in Pottsville is a busy place these days, serving the day-to-day needs of folks down on their luck, while at the same time, going through applications for food for Thanksgiving.

Last year, hundreds of people stood in the cold so they could give their families a traditional dinner.

Lisa Mills, a Salvation Army volunteer, helped hundreds of clients fill out their applications.

"It humbles me to realize how much I have in life and others don't," Mills said.

Mills has been volunteering at the Salvation Army for more than 10 years.  She said many clients are the so-called working poor.

"We have a lot more working families that are working, that are having a hard time making ends meet and because they are working they don't get benefits, Department of Public Welfare, food stamps and medical and all."

Christmas is only two months away and the Salvation Army predicts a record number of people lining up, to make their holiday merrier.

Salvation Army Captain Tammy Hench explained clients show up for a number of reasons.

"The prices in the grocery store, that kind of thing, things not stretching not as far as they like, and the economy can attribute to all of that, people losing their jobs or being laid off."

Folks who need help for Christmas with toys and food can come to the Salvation Army in Pottsville on November 12, 13 and 14 to apply.