Wild Goose Chase for Wounded Bird

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LAKE TOWNSHIP – A wounded Canada goose made its home in a family’s backyard Sunday. The family says it showed up late Sunday afternoon and hasn’t flown the coop since, and they are worried the bird might not make it without some help.

A new feathery friend is making its home in Wayne County. The Canada goose decided to take up residence at the Denunzio’s home late Sunday afternoon near Lake Ariel.

"Thought it was just stopping by for a quick swim or a drink over at the pond, and noticed that there was something wrong with it. It wasn't really moving much,” said Frank Denunzio of Lake Township.

Denunzio says he got as close as the goose would let him. His daughter and granddaughter Emma and Lindsay both noticed their new visitor wasn’t doing well.

“His wing was broke,” said 4-year old Emma Denunzio.

While the bird waddled around the property, Denunzio tried to get the goose some much needed help.

“I've called the game commission three, four times already over it just to see what do you do,” said Denunzio.

But several days later, no one has stopped by and the bird is still dragging its wing. The  goose sure has been making himself right at home in Wayne County, spending time in this pond, venturing back up onto this deck and then actually walking right across this road, but the Denunzio’s are worried where this feathery friend may end up next.

"This is a very busy road sometimes during the day, people zip by on this road a lot and just don't want to see the thing getting hit in the middle of the road in front of the house,” said Denunzio.

Newswatch 16 contacted the game commission and officers say they are now looking into the issue.

The Denunzio’s just hope the bird gets the help he needs to get back on track with the rest of his flock.

"Need to help him, that's all,” said 3-year old Lindsay Ryan.

The game commission says they plan to send an officer out to Lake Township soon to check on the bird and see how much they are able to help it mend its wounded wing.