Police, School Security Watching Out For Students

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STROUDSBURG -- Police and school security guards are keeping a close watch over students at a high school in the Poconos.

Police say this is in response to an alleged attempted abduction of a female student earlier this week.

Police say the student at Stroudsburg High School told them on Tuesday morning as she was walking to school, a man tried grabbing her and taking her into his van.

She got away and now school officials are on high alert to make sure the rest of the students are safe.

It happened on Fetherman Street near the high school in Stroudsburg.

"It's very disappointing. I just moved from New York trying to avoid all of that, so getting this news is not too thrilling at all," said Yari Lopez of Stroud Township.

Stroud Area Regional Police say the victim told them that when she was walking on her way to school, a minivan pulled out in front of her. A man got out, approached her, grabbed her and started taking her back to the minivan and that's when she broke away."

Dr. John Toleno, the Stroudsburg Area School District Superintendent, is taking the report seriously.

"We are certainly concerned about it," Toleno said. "We put all of our security guards on notice that are out here in the morning doing traffic for us."

Officers with Stroud Area Regional Police are also watching over the students in Stroudsburg High School. One of those officers was also at the bus stop all morning with the students.

"Just talking to kids and interviewing people, trying to show a presence in that area," Toleno added.

This extra boost to school security and student safety is welcome news for some residents.

"Security should be heightened to protect our children. It's not about my child or one person's child, it's about the youth, period," said Celeste McWilliams of Bushkill.

"It seems like that stuff is getting worse and worse in the world today and I think that that's definitely a great idea," said Katie Power of Marshalls Creek.

Security at the school will continue to be heightened. Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for an older model green minivan.

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  • concerned citizen

    It’s understandable with the economy being the way it is and the gas prices being as high as they are it’s hard to bus all students but I think a precautionary measure should be taken and there should be no walkers period….. The police and school officials cannot protect everybody and be in 30 different places at the same time….. It is known that there is extra security measures so that individual that tried to abduct this child is going to move to another area…..

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