Braving Brisk Temperatures For Thrills And Chills

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SAINT CLAIR -- The weather may have been a bit chilly, but it was a hot night for one community in Schuylkill County.

The annual Halloween parade marched through Saint Clair Wednesday night and, despite the cold temperatures, the ever popular event drew quite the crowd.

Ghouls and goblins and characters of all sorts came marching down Second Street in Saint Clair.

The very popular annual Halloween parade drew hundreds out to the Schuylkill County community near Pottsville to both watch and participate in the festive fun.

“This is the big one, the biggest around in the area, it`s a good one, we like it,” said Denise Killeen.

“We absolutely love it, you can`t beat it.”

“I like the motorcycles and candy! I like the motorcycles and candy.”

But if the parade brought the thrills, Mother Nature brought the chills with cold temperatures bringing a wintery preview of what`s to come.

Many admitted defeat to the brisk blast.

“It`s a little chilly' 'it`s kind of chilly out right now.”

“I`m freezing, I’m really cold right now,” said Brittany Kurilla.

There were ways to stay warm: hot foods and drinks and of course plenty of layers.

“We have three layers of shirts on and the nice warm tights and we have a jacket or two,” said Amy Stankavage.

“We dress them warm, they all have blankets and they all have their winter jackets and their winter hats on but you got to love this parade, best parade in Schuylkill County,” said Missy Haslam.

Many said the cold weather made the perfect setting for a Halloween parade.

“Oh yeah, absolutely this is what makes the parade, the Halloween parade good, with the cool brisk air, so,” said Karen Gann.

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