No Smoking in Car with Children: Ohio’s Proposed Ban

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(COLUMBUS, Ohio) State Senator Charleta Tavares of Columbus, Ohio is cracking down on people who smoke cigarettes in their car with a child in the back seat.

According to WJW, Tavares wants Senate Bill 130 to be a primary offense; that means an officer can pull someone over without any other reason and fine them $500 if the child is under 6 years old.

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  • Kelly

    Being obese isn’t against the law, smoking under 18 is. Although they aren’t directly smoking, it’s still putting it into their body. They deserve a choice, just like they deserve a choice to eat healthy. My 4 kids would never get into a car with someone smoking, with the exception of the baby who doesn’t know any better. Hopefully this will protect the younger ones. My husband smokes, but out of common sense he doesn’t smoke in the cars at all, whether our kids are in them or not… or in the house at all. I don’t think they’re making this against the law yet. You have the right to smoke in the car with kids, but you’ll get fined.

  • Linda

    What would be next? pay a sitter and rent a hotel room to have sex or drink a beer? How about we let people alone!

    • Amy

      Or how about we protect the health of children that have not made the conscious decision to damage their lungs with second hand smoke. Smoking is unhealthy. Period. It is unhealthy for the smoker, and for those breathing that smoke in. Would you want a nursery school teacher blowing smoke in your small child’s face? Because that is essentially what someone smoking in a vehicle is doing to their child.

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