Child Drowns In Pool

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VANDLING — Police are investigating the death of a 2-year-old boy found in a swimming pool in Lackawanna County.

According to the coroner, Holden Wayman, age 2, of Vandling died Monday night at Geisinger-CMC.

Police said the child was missing from his home on Ash Street in Vandling around 7 p.m. and found in a pool near his home.

Police said people searching for the boy discovered him in a neighbor’s pool across the street.

When we were there today, the pool only had storm water at the bottom.

The Lackawanna County coroner said paramedics took the toddler to Geisinger-Community Medical Center in Scranton where attempts to resuscitate the child were unsuccessful.

The coroner has ruled the death an accident.

Police are still investigating and have not said whether any charges might be filed.


  • Anonymous

    I strongly feel that WNEP should go back to interview this family. The stories do not make sense. Maybe if the news is able to get it out to the public the events will be investigated. The death of this little boy NEEDS to be looked at.

  • Justice for Holden

    You should all STOP and especially if you weren’t there!!! I was there Monday night and still can’t sleep and have been barely able to eat. I will NEVER forget the images I saw on Monday night nor will I forget the events that took place. The story doesn’t add up. I understand that accidents happen and I am SICK over the outcome. Lableing this case as an “Accident” does not bring justice to the death of Holden, who will never get to live life.I STRONGLY feel this case needs to be investigated to the highest degree and the investigator should review the multiple and different stories that are being told by the family. It doesn’t make sense and there are to many holes. May the soul of Holden be at peace.

    • Anonymous

      Justice for Holden,
      Since you seem to know much more than WNEP, would you please share the information that you have regarding the family stories being “different” and the information that you have that isn’t adding up. Many of us would like to know what is happening but there doesn’t seem to be much info out there.

  • Anonymous

    Just remember Stephanie, you say that you only leave your child out of your sight for 5 minutes at a time..well guess what. A lot can happen in 5 minutes. I love how when tragedy strikes another family, people like you start giving yourself “Parent of the Year” awards. Get a clue and I pray that tragedy never strikes your family.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t judge the parents if you don’t know the full story! Just remember, there is always more to the story than what the media knows or is reporting. Praying for this family & all those affected by this tragedy. Thank God for the community that Vandling is that they are willing to help this family in their time of need.

    • Greg

      There does seem to be a chain link fence on the opposite side of the pool. If you look at the photo closely you can see it. Does the fence
      extend around behind the photographer??…I dunno. If not why??
      And if it does how did the boy get around it – or who (if anyone) let him
      into the backyard?? A lot of unanswered questions here.

  • Stephanie Tina Ratoff

    augh it’s a 2 year old child, how did he even get out of the house?! i have a 3 year old and every door is double locked, he’s not out of my sight for more than 5 minutes and when he is i know exactly where he is,the parents should be charged with negligent homicide, their negligence led to that boys death, that is so so so sad! shame on the parents, this is awful!!

    • Tami

      Why is anyone to blame? Accidents happen, and this was a tragic one. I have 4 children, and all I can say is “there but for the grace of God go I” because I know it only takes a minute for a child to wander off and if you are not looking for him exactly where he is, then every second that passes allows him to wander further. These parents will carry their own guilt whether they deserve it or not, and I for one will be praying for them. Not everything that happens in the world is somebody’s fault. Sometimes, accidents just happen.

    • Zachary lASKOWSKI

      No you shouldn’t say that I doubt the family are at fault if ant thing you should be grieving with them. There is no way they could have seen this coming.I believe that it is just their lack of knowing how active their son was.

    • Katie Gardner

      Stephanie SHAME ON YOU for placing judgement on these people without knowing all the details. I know Amy, I know she is a wonderful mother, and you should know better than to get on a public forum and insult someone you DON’T know. Is it not sad enough that she is burying her son, do you really feel it’s necessary to jump on the internet & throw salt in her wounds?! Do us all a favor, since you claim to be mother of the year, & turn your internet off & go spend time with your child instead of jumping on here & making stupid remarks, because you NEVER know what could happen.

  • Christina Campbell

    Healing of the Foundation is accepting donations to help with funeral costs and any other costs. The address is 815 Main St. Forest City 18421. All money raised will go to the family.

      • LibertyB

        How about praying for the family? Instead you judge and don’t know the circumstances. You’ve never had a child get away from you? How dare you! I know the family personally and they are wonderful caring individuals who love their children. There is no excuse for your disgusting thoughts and words!

    • Annonymous

      Does Healing of the Foundation have a website? And why is the address to a home that is for sale?

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