New Building Will Mean Big Changes At Marywood

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SCRANTON -- The Marywood University campus is getting a big makeover.

The school in Lackawanna County broke ground Friday on a $33 million building that will go right in the heart of campus. University leaders say it will be a building every student can use.

A ceremonial toss of some dirt launched a big change coming to the Marywood University campus.

The university's president, Sr. Anne Munley, stood in front of a giant rendition of the building that will be built there. She says the new learning commons will house the library and many new technologies to help students learn.

"We're thrilled.  It's been 13 years in the planning. It's been very well researched and it's just a moment where we're touching the future through technology and all the education resources," Sr. Munley said.

A crowd gathered around the groundbreaking including students anxious to use the new building when it opens in 2015, Marywood's 100-year anniversary.

"I think it's going to make the campus look more modern and it will have a lot of modern technology. It's a great thing to celebrate for our centennial," said sophomore Mariah Wolk.

"I think it's awesome. I'm an architecture major myself so I'm excited to see the design and I'm excited to see it when it's actually built," said sophomore Hannah Viparina.

The new building is going to go on the main quad on campus. The main entry area is going to have a whole new look and when construction is done, the old library is coming down.

We got a look inside the old library building that's days are now numbered. Students say the 45-year-old building is dated. They know with all its technology, the new building will be much different than what's there now.

"I think it's going to be kind of cool.  I'll miss browsing through the books, because I'm an English major, it's kind of what I do, but I think it will be cool. I think we need new library equipment," said sophomore Riley Covalseki.

"Yes the building is dated, but that also adds character to the school.  But the new building will enhance the school and make it more modern," added sophomore Neena Hurley.

Marywood University also launched a capital campaign to raise $75 million to go along with its centennial in 2015.

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  • Michelle Star

    Current library director, David Schappert, is the widower of the prior director, Kathy Schappert. It is truly a bittersweet moment for him, as his beloved wife will not be there to see the new building she was so involved in planning. David was the library director, and my boss, at East Stroudsburg University for many years. He is a fine man and a forward thinking director. I am so happy to see his well deserved professional success.

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