Man Admits Theft Of Donations For Crash Victims

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MINERSVILLE -- Police said a man from Schuylkill County has admitted to stealing donation can containing money for a family whose children were injured in a car crash.

Investigators said security video and Facebook helped them crack the case.

Security video shows a man walking into a convenience store in Minersville, picking up a donation can and walking out. That can was part of a community project to raise money for the Moore family, Nichole Moore and her three young children.

They were involved in this crash near Cressona last month.

"Now we have this individual without any remorse or compassion goes in and takes this money from these children. That's very disheartening," said Minersville Police Chief Mike Combs.

Police say Justin Kanezo of Pottsville stole his brother's car and used it to snatch the donation can. Investigators say Kanezo has admitted to stealing the money. Police caught up with him after Nikki Logan posted the video on Facebook.

"I think it's kind of pathetic that he stole the can for needy children that need help," Logan said. "I hope he feels some kind of guilt. I wish he could see what he took from. I wish he could see the pictures of these girls."

Logan, a friend of the crash victims, says 3-year-old Evan escaped serious injuries in the crash but her sisters, 6-month-old Lillian and 6-year-old Hannah were seriously injured.

Logan is turning to the public asking for help in paying for the Moore family's medical bills.

"The easiest way is to go to any Sovereign Bank and say you would like to donate to the Moore children benefit," she said. "The Moore benefit is for the children and any medical bills they will have."

Police say between the video recording made in this store, to the suspect's confession, investigators believe they have a strong case.


  • samantha

    I’ve known this man for a few years and he is a good guy with good intentions.he is homeless because my sister moved and needed Money to live.yes it was wrong but u don’t know him and what he’s going threw right now. So u can say what you want yes it was still wrong but he is a good guy if you were starving you would of probably have done the same thing.

    • Skeptic

      Good person with good intentions? He stole money from critically injured kids!! I don’t care how low you are in life, that’s inexcusable. He didn’t steal a loaf of bread or a jug of milk, he stole money meant for kids. If he was a good person he’d WORK for his money.

  • Mac

    It’s easy to call someone a “skook dirtbag”. Why not hope that kid get’s help, and that justice is served. Don’t be a coward behind the keyboard, direct your attention where it belongs, on the young kids and there family recovering in the hospital.

  • Ex Sch. County Res.

    Another “skook” dirtbag. Another story. Boy, I bet Mom and Dad sure are proud…oh wait…Mom and Dad probably didn’t care in the first place…so…yeah…guess that explains that.

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