Cops: Toddler Found In Car Playing With Heroin Syringes

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TOWER CITY — A man from Schuylkill County is locked up after police say they found a 2 year old in his care playing with a syringe filled with heroin.

Ray Lucas, 27, of Tower City is facing child endangerment and drug charges.

According to investigators, Lucas was found sleeping in a car around 9 a.m. Thursday in a parking lot in Lebanon while the toddler played with two syringes in the back seat.

Lucas is locked up with bail set at $50,000.


  • Skook

    Maybe ppl w addiction problems would be more willing to get help if they weren’t threatened with the chance they may lose custody of their children for seeking treatment or even mentioning the words addiction and children in the same sentence. There are many ppl w who have addictions it’s just that a DRUG addiction is so much worse to ppl. Just remember that when u over do it when drinking, smoking, eating, spending, gambling, gossiping, etc… Do you really think he planned to have his child in danger, NO! Just goes to show how illiterate ppl still are.

  • judy

    People that really want and love children and want the blessing of beinga parent cant because of cancer and health issues cant but these dirtbags are able to have kids and dont deserve them, what a waste, he should be put to sleep like the dog he is.

  • Ex Sch. County Res.

    Big shock. Another “skook” in jail for substance abuse and endangering their kid’s lives. 75% of Schuylkill county could just be put in rocket and launched at the sun and the would be a better place.

    • angus

      What does it matter where i live, im scum? I am from this county!?!!?
      People like you that put a tag on demographics, like it is a crime to live in a certain town ,have no morals!!!

    • Julie Shapiro

      they have to want help in order for it to work….too many times i have seen addicts go to a drug treatment program come home and jump back into the lifestyle they were sent to treatment for….if they don’t want the help a treatment program won’t help them

    • Lindsey

      Amen. We are filling up our prisons with drug addicts who need help nit incarceration we need to save those cells for all the pedophiles rapists and killers

  • eric

    I find these comments amusing. This person represents the majority of people in this area. Alcoholics and drug addicts are the economic cornerstone of northeast pa. and always will be. The level of denial in this area is astonishing.

    • Ellen Leonardi

      Won’t need to knock his teeth out, they’ll be falling out before long with the use of heroin. It’s one of the effects! Poor children left with these idiots by women spawning kids all over the place. Sickening.

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