UPDATE: Carjacking Suspect Nabbed In Luzerne County

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SALEM TOWNSHIP -- A suspect involved in a carjacking in the parking lot of a supermarket is now being blamed for two other carjackings and violent crimes.

Police say a woman was carjacked Friday morning in the parking lot of the Weis supermarket in Berwick and now Berwick police believe the same suspect in custody is responsible for other violent crimes since Thursday night including the attack of a YMCA worker.

Within the last 24 hours, police say there have been three carjackings in Berwick. After having one man in custody, questioning him about a carjacking Friday, authorities say he has confessed to all of them.

Residents in the Berwick area were on edge  or most of the morning as police monitored the streets from the ground and above.

"It's a shame. It used to be a nice quiet little town. Now you never know what is going to happen," said Carol Hettinger of Berwick.

Police say the crimes started Thursday night, when two women were carjacked at a CVS store.

"The women were going to their car in the parking lot of the CVS and they were unfortunately carjacked at knife point," said Berwick Police Chief Ken Strish.

Hours later, police say an employee at the YMCA was assaulted in the parking lot, just a few minutes before the facility opened for the day.

"An individual approached an individual in the parking lot of the YMCA, requested money at knifepoint. Unfortunately a struggle ensued the individual was unfortunately cut," the chief said.

Authorities say the crime spree ended with a woman being carjacked from the Weis grocery store parking lot.

That prompted a large search.

Police say they later found the suspect running behind Derrick Sharpe's home in Salem Township. Sharpe said he let the man inside unaware he was running from police.noah bomboy mug

"He was only here for a couple of minutes. that's when the cops knocked," he said.

Police arrested Noah Bomboy, 31, in Sharpe's backyard where officials say he was trying to get away. Authorities say late this afternoon he confessed to all three carjackings.

Residents nearby are relieved that someone is in custody, saying it has been a tense 24 hours.

"It's getting scary for most people that live in this area. They don't know what to do," said Jason Hower.

Noah Bomboy is still being questioned by police. He's expected to be arraigned Friday night. He faces multiple charges including kidnapping, armed robbery, and aggravated assault.

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    That was crazy! I was driving right past when the officers surrounded the house! Glad everyone was ok and the yneutralized the situation

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