Warm Weather Yields Good Harvest

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- The warmer weather is turning up big profits for some farmers in our area.

Jack Shaefer worked Thursday to harvest the last of his soybean crop near Hometown. Shaefer also grows pumpkins and estimates he has more than a half million pounds for sale. Most of them will go out this weekend because of the warmer weather.

"Obviously, sunny weekends put people in the buying mood and if it's not too hot, people want to get out and, hopefully, pick a pumpkin," Shaefer said.

Lisa Shafer runs the farm with her husband.

"That are going to buy jack o'lanterns, that want to finish up their decorating, that have fall parties, we have mums and we have 30 different varieties of pumpkins and gourds."

Making money doesn't stop with the harvest.  This weekend the farm will feature several events including a favorite: a corn maze.

"The big corn maze is the kids maze and adults can go through with them because the corn is so big, some of it is 14 feet high."

Just down the road is the Zukovich Farm Market.  The owners say Mother Nature was good to them, too.

"The weather agreed with us the tomatoes. It didn't give us a lot of rain and the corn was especially good this year," Annette Zukovich said.

Farmers tell us there is no doubt that their economy is directly tied to the weather.