Police on the Lookout for Three Thieves

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TAYLOR — Police in Lackawanna County are searching for a trio of thieves who swiped electronics and other merchandise from a Walmart.

Authorities said surveillance pictures were taken at the Walmart in Taylor of three men stealing over $900 dollars worth of goods last Thursday.

Police believe three men walked out of the store without paying for a flat screen television, two cameras, four cartons of cigarettes and laundry detergent.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these men are asked to call police in Taylor.


  • Saijusiva

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  • Bes

    IF it was an inside job the insider (who knows the alarm system) would be the one enabling the thieves to bypass the alarms system. Of course the thieves on camera don’t work for Walmart. They work with the insider.

  • george morgan

    Its sometimes hard to believe that Sams and Walmart are actually related….try to get out of Sams with a lollipop not paid for and on your receipt….

  • Bes

    How many flat screen tv’s have to be walked out of this Walmart before something is done? Something smells fishy with these repeated “walk the tv right out the front door” robberies.

    • Greg

      Wal Mart has surveillance cameras up the wazoo.
      If this were an inside job they would be recognized by staff in no time.
      Like these guys don’t even bother to wear a disguise.
      Furthermore, I thot the box has to be scanned at checkout to avoid
      setting off the alarm when you walk out the door??
      How did they get around that??

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