Marino Votes Against Congress Debt Deal

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The federal government shutdown is over.

While most lawmakers voted for the bill to restart the government the only congressman from our area who did not: Congressman Tom Marino of the 10th District.

Congressman Lou Barletta, a Republican, said the U.S. could not risk a default.

Matt Cartwright, a Democrat in the House of Representatives, said the deal prevents disaster.

They and nearly every lawmaker voted yes on the debt deal.

Republican Tom Marino from Williamsport voted no nd stands by his vote, saying he could not support what he considers to be a "short-term fix."

Just hours after Congress voted to reopen the government and avoid a default, Republican Congressman Tom Marino was back at his district office in Williamsport.

Marino left the District of Columbia as soon as he voted "no." ad conceded a House GOP defeat in the latest down-to-the wire budget battle.

"But the war's not over. We're still fighting and digging in and fighting for the hardworking taxpayers," said Marino.

The congressman is in his second term and voted to raise the debt ceiling last time around. This time, Marino said his position was "no" all along, accepting the real possibility that the shutdown would have been more severe, and the economy may have taken a turn for the worse.

"We had funds at least for next month and taking into account revenues, would not have defaulted on our debt," he said.

More than two weeks ago, Marino was among House Republicans who railed against the president's new health care law and demanded compromise from Democrats in the Senate. The result was a partial shutdown.

Marino blames President Obama, saying the shutdown was his plan all along to win back the House.

"I think we proved a point to the president concerning the upcoming negotiations that we mean business, we're serious about this," said Marino.

For his part, Congressman Marino said voters sent him to Washington to cut taxes and reign in federal spending. So then, what would it take for Marino to vote "yes?"

"We do some serious cutting spending."

Marino said he would cut the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to name a few.

But he was hard pressed to provide an example of what could begin to solve the partisan problems in Washington.

"We're going to come back to this, this administration does not want to negotiate."

Marino said House Republicans were wrong to make the shutdown about Obamacare, because it's the law of the land.


  • dave pugh

    all this gov debt crap is just that, crap. if they really are sending billions in aid over seas while gutting aid to poor Americans, it needs to stop!if it is just a cover story for them to pocket the money (i suspect closer to the truth) it needs to stop.instead of the us borrowing money from china and whoever just to send it to Egypt or whoever let the third party countries just borrow from the first and leave the us out of it. then flat tax so the rich can pay their fair share and no more breaks for them on ss either. do these things and the gov. would be swimming in money. and while your at it, cut the gov. itself by half at least, and the remainder of them get their pay and perks and retirements and the rest of the bloat cut to levels more befitting the “public servants” they are supposed to be. these idiots enjoy to much pay and to many extras while they gut food stamps and such to people with no other means. it is out of control and their is no excuse.

  • Al Niedzwiecki

    Prepare for your next job. Nevermind, after you get voted out you can live on the $174k pension you’ll get for life.

  • Barb G

    The only thing Marino proved by this vote is that he’s completely clueless. Who in his/her right mind voted for this moron?

  • don larson

    He offers no solutions ….give me some ideas…a shutdown only hurts the American worker…..he says he’s from a working class family but he seems above that now…cut education but he has 2 adopted kids, what does that say to them?….he’ll get reelected because of redistricting……same old same old

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