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Enjoying The Warm Weather

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY — The unseasonably warm weather has many people venturing outside to enjoy the summer-like conditions.  Some are glad the forecast for the weekend calls for the same conditions.

Contractors worked hard Thursday on building an apartment complex in Mahanoy City.  They want to finish the outside, so they can concentrate on the inside when cold weather arrives.  Charles Bann said the unseasonably warm temperatures are helping them.

“You can definitely get a lot done during the nice weather. It beats being out in the rain the snow and the ice that’s for sure.”

Bernard Bann said the warm temperatures are great.

“We’re enjoying it. We’re getting a lot more work done in the 60, 70 degree weather.”

Just down the road, a crew is putting in new sidewalks. Again the warm weather is welcomed.

Borough Manager Dan Lynch explained.

“A lot of this work is concrete work, concrete pouring and everything, and is very sensitive and when the weather is pleasant and warm like this, they can get more done.” Lynch said.

At the White Birch Golf Course, Stan Gorski and his son are enjoying the warm weather.

“I am loving it! Gorski said.
“Who’s winning?”
“I am cheating so I guess I am,” he said.

Campers were busy pitching tents and backing their campers into place for the weekend at Locust Lake State Park.

Dave Scaible said his family is taking advantage of the milder temperatures.

“We were here about three years ago and it snowed off and on the whole weekend.”

The manager of Locust Lake State Park said that the number of people camping is up and that’s directly tied to the nice weather.

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