Grave Decorations Stolen, Damaged

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CHAPMAN TOWNSHIP -- The search is on to find whoever stole from the dead in Clinton County.

Someone took decorations and solar lights from gravesites at a cemetery north of Lock Haven.

The Clemente and Himmel families have loved ones buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery.

They take great care in decorating those graves and can't understand why someone would desecrate their daughters' final resting place.

"Maggie's only been gone 5 months. This still stings, it hurts, to come down and find this," said Pat Clemente of Renovo who choked back tears as he explained what thieves stole from his daughter's grave over the weekend.

A homemade cross, a flag were taken and vandals even broke a solar light. A few other graves at the cemetery along Route 120 near Renovo were hit as well, according to state police.

Clemente can't understand why someone would do this.

"Let the dead rest, please. If they're making money off selling these things. I don't think they're just out destroying things," added Clemente.

Pat Clemente said family members visited Maggie's gravesite on Friday, and everything was intact. By Sunday morning when Maggie's mom came to visit, things were stolen, even broken. Family members were left to feel the same kind of grief they felt five months ago when they lost Maggie in a car crash.

"It all starts over again, I just can't believe people are that rude, they would come in and destroy things off a gravesite," said Clemente.

Cathy Himmel's daughter, parents and sister are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery and also had decorations stolen or damaged. Still, Himmel won't let it stop her from doing what she can to honor her loved ones' memories.

"We still keep bringing decorations down, that's what our loved ones loved. They loved decorations and lights, not going to let these people stop us from decorating our graves," said Himmel.

If you have any information about the thefts at the cemetery in Clinton County you're asked to call state police.


  • Eric McCann

    I want to retract my prior comment. It was written in anger and its not how I really feel. Although I am disgusted at the situation.

  • Justin Heiser

    These people that do these kinds of things are pathetic, a disgrace, and all around peices of garbage! They need to learn that little thing called respect, to the living and to those who have passed away.

  • Eric McCann

    This is an ongoing problem. My family has had flowers and garden flags stolen from our parents grave 3 times now. If this is the type of people our hometown has produced in the years that I’ve been gone, then I no longer want to say I’m from Renovo.

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