Bank Workers Building Playhouse At McDade Park

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SCRANTON -- A popular park in Scranton is getting a new feature for kids.

Construction started Wednesday on a playhouse at McDade Park and Fidelity Bank is not only paying for it, but providing its employees to do the construction.

We talked with the bankers turned contractors on the job.

Forget about deposits, withdrawals, loans and paperwork. Fidelity Bank workers were dealing with hammers, nails, boards, and hard labor at McDade Park in Scranton.

Jack Ferrett is usually a commercial lender.

"(This is) quite different, but more fun than working at the bank every day."

Fidelity Bank is funding this project to build a big playhouse at the park but the bank's employees are doing the work.

Bob Connors is a branch manager. Charlie Bannon is an indirect auto writer but not here.

"(I'm) used to bringing in new business and taking deposits. Today we're hammering nails and putting up some walls," Connors said.

"It's definitely different, but we're enjoying it we have a good group out here.  Fidelity likes to give back to the community and we're happy to help with anything they want us to do," Bannon added.

Once the foundation is finished, the walls can start going up and you can see the pieces of the log cabin ready to be put up.  Kids could actually go to Fidelity branches and pick the design they wanted. They picked the log cabin that will fit in the wooded setting.

"I think it's going to be pretty cool and there's a handicap accessible ramp so all the kids can come and play. Everyone that wants to come and play can use it. So it will be great," Bannon said.

Those who run this county-owned park certainly appreciate Fidelity's donation.

"In a time of tightening budgets, to have someone help us out and have a quality amenity at the end of the day is what we all want," said park director Bill Davis.

Most importantly on the minds of those at work: the kids having fun.

"Absolutely, I think they'll have a great time coming up here.  It's the only building like this in the park.  It's something different and hopefully they'll enjoy it," Ferrett said.

Fidelity Bank hopes to have construction on the new playhouse done by next Saturday, October 26. That's when the bank is hosting a ribbon cutting and Halloween party at McDade Park.

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  • Kristy

    To bad , they treat their workers like crap! That is a hell place to work. All they care about is getting the banks out there! They will not work with their workers. Sick kids, daycare hours, nothing !

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