Police Investigating Rash of Break-ins

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Several homeowners in Lycoming County have been the victims of recent break-ins.

The break-ins have been going on for several weeks, according to police.

The quiet neighborhoods in Montoursville are just the latest to be targeted by burglars. Police in the borough said three homes were hit in the past few days; one on Jordan Avenue and another two on Cherry Street.

Newswatch 16 found a man helping a friend install a dead bolt on her home after her neighbors' house was the scene of an attempted break-in.

"Trying to be proactive, getting different locks on the house, and thinking about checking windows that they're locked at night and making sure curtains are pulled shut," said the homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous.

More than a half-dozen burglaries are under investigation in South Williamsport. The City of Williamsport has had at least that many and state police have a few more that could be connected.

And now, Montoursville. A little too close for comfort for the folks at Rupert's Specialty Meats.

"Today that's the topic and talk of the town, everyone's in asking what's going on with these break-ins," said Mike Rupert.

Police in Montoursville said all the break-ins have been similar. Burglars get in through a back door in a two-story home without ever being noticed by the homeowners. Police said in one instance, they broke into a judge's home in Lycoming County.

"It seems to me this is pretty organized, not just get in the door, get in get out type thing, it's a sneaky covert type thing," said Montoursville Police Chief Jeff Gyurina.

Police said it appears some of the homes that were burglarized did not have the doors locked.

Anyone with information about the break-ins should call police in Lycoming County.

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  • Michele

    Everyone in Monotoursville needs to turn their front and back porch lights on Lets stick together and catch these people. . Mine are on and to the bugulars with my German Shepard and Boxer try to come in my house :)

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