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New Owner Plans To Dismantle Coal Breaker, Sell Steel For Scrap

ASHLEY – The new owners of an anthracite coal breaker in Luzerne County said they plan to dismantle the historic structure and selling hundreds of tons of steel for scrap.

An attorney for Paselo Logistics in Philadelphia said the $1.2 million deal to purchase the Huber Breaker and 8-acre property in Ashley was finalized in bankruptcy court.

The chairman of the Huber Breaker Preservation Society told Newswatch 16 that he’s disappointed the battle to save the breaker is over, but he’s hoping the new owners will try to salvage any mining artifacts that may be found inside.

“At the time when it was built, it was the largest and most modern breaker in the world, capable of producing a thousand ton of coal and hour,” said Ray Clarke. “I just felt that it deserved to be saved, and to keep the memory of the miners that worked and died in there. The felt house, the Sterling. Nobody seems to want to save anything that`s historical.”

People who live in Ashley say the breaker attracted vandals and vagrants, but they’re saddened that the local landmark couldn’t be preserved.

“The building is decrepit. It`s falling apart and it is a danger. There`s teenagers hanging out in there,” said Dennis Sheehan. “It`s historical and it`s interesting. It`s a part of the history of Ashley. It`s going to be a shame to see it go.”

An attorney for the new owners told Newswatch 16 that work to dismantle the Huber Breaker isn’t expected to start until next year, and the new owners are unsure of what they’ll do with the property after it is cleaned up.

The producers of a documentary about the Huber breaker took some video inside. Click below to watch.

Flying-The-Breaker from John Welsh on Vimeo.


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