Historic Restaurant To Reopen

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- A historic restaurant in Luzerne County, closed since 2012, will once again offer food and more.

Workers were busy making renovations to the former Stage Coach Inn on Route 309 near Hazleton. It's been closed since last year.

Butler Township Chairman Brian Kisenwether said he's excited to see work at the site.

"I am glad there is still business people out there that in this, especially this climate of this turmoil in this nation, there are those out there that see the future, and reopen it. Also it brings business to the township, it brings employment to the township."

The restaurant has a lot of history. Just ask Tom Bell. He owns the Bell House Cafe just next door.

"The Stage Coach has always been a restaurant even when they used the horse and buggy to come down the trail." Bell explained.

Bell said he doesn't see the Stage Coach as competition.

"Having another restaurant just adds to the area."

That feeling is shared by Kevin McDonald, who owns Damenti's Restaurant about a mile from the Stage Coach.

"There has always been another establishment down the road, so it hasn't been that my doors have opened up more that the Stage Coach has closed."

Sylvester Pocius grew up in Mountain Top. Pocius said he remembers eating at the Stage Coach and looks forward to trying the food again.

"My family, my mom and dad, my sister, my dad and mom's friends and holding events there, a couple of events a wedding reception and a funeral reception."

It's unclear right now when the renovations will be complete or when the restaurant will open.


  • bobc74

    ‘It’s unclear right now when the renovations will be complete or when the restaurant will open.” Yet the title of the story is ” Historic restaurant to re-open”. Maybe a better title would have been “Renovations currently underway at local landmark restaurant”.

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