Dodging Deer

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- As you're driving the back roads and highways throughout our region, make sure you pay attention to oncoming deer. It's that time of year when deer are on the move.

All sorts of roads wind through the Poconos Mountains, some into heavily forested areas.

But AAA says this time of year you might want to pay extra attention to deer crossing signs. You never know when one will jump out in front of you and the locals think they know why.

"It's the season. They're in rut, man. They're all over the place looking for the women," said David Mulligan of Kunkletown.

Female deer, that is.

Anyway, the deer are also getting shuffled around because of hunters as Terry Hill will tell you. He's in charge of the archery department at Dunkelberger's Sports Outfitter in Brodheadsville.

"Bow season, hunting season starts so beginning of August, guys are in the woods scouting, disturbing their summer habitat, areas where they felt comfortable."

And when that happens, deer are often hit and killed along the roadway.

AAA officials say if you end up hitting a deer, you'll have to contact your insurance company and also take pictures of the crash just to document it.  But if you want to keep the carcass, you're going to first have to contact the game commission.

No one we spoke with says they've ever done that. Maybe because these drivers have their own tactics to steer clear of the deer.

"Just be alert when you drive. They're going to do what they do," said Jim Roenelt of Pocono Lake.

"I keep my eyes open as wide as possible so I can catch any movement," Mulligan added.

"At night, high beam lights wherever you can," advised Tom Barber of Summit Hill.