Busy Time of the Year for Chimney Sweeps

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MONROE TOWNSHIP-- It's a busy time of the year for chimney sweeping businesses like Fireplace Gallery near Beaumont in Wyoming County.

David Faux is one of the workers who does chimney sweeps. He says right now, calls for cleanings are coming in non-stop.

"We'll be busy well into January guarateed, six to seven days a week," Faux said.

Workers at Fireplace Gallery say a lot of times there are homeowners who think they don't need to get their chimney's cleaned.

But, they say there are also homeowners who think they don't need to get their chimney cleaned every year.

"We get the faithful ones every year and then there are people we go to and they say, 'oh we haven't had this done in 10 years,' and you know it can be life threatening," Faux said.

For those who choose not to get their chimney's cleaned, they are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In some cases, a clogged up chimney can be the culprit for house fires.

"In a chimney fire you have a lot of sparks and flames coming out of the top of the chimney. They can land on your shingles, catch your roof on fire and burn downward that way," Fireplace Gallery owner, Daniel Dembowski said.

Dembowski said his workers also install flue liners with insulation, just one way to ensure chimney's are safe.

"It keeps a hotter temperature in your chimney so again, a better draft. You want to get the toxic fumes out above your rooftop," Dembowski said.

At Fireplace Gallery a chimney cleaning costs about $150. Dembowski says it might seem a little steep for some people, but it's as important as any other annual check-up.

"It's sort of like getting your car inspected. You want to do it every year and make sure everything is safe," Dembowski said.

Workers said chimney's can be cleaned all year round.

They suggest getting them cleaned in the spring and summer.