Shutdown Reaction In Scranton

SCRANTON---As the partial government shutdown drags on, into a third week, the Steamtown National Historic site remains closed.

"I think it's terrible that place is closd, my son just came home, I wanted to take him to se some things and it's just closed," said John Santiago,who said he is aggravated with the partial shutdown.

Just across the way, the Lackawanna County Trolley Museum is open, unaffected by the shutdown.

Larry and Sally Reed are in the area visitng friends.

The Reeds are from Ohio.

They call the shutdown embarassing for the entire country.

"When it first started, I didn't think it would even last a week I thought they would have an agreement in that time period. I also cannot believe it's been that long," said Sally Reed.

"I think we should get rid of Obama, Reid. That's my feeling on the shutdown. Terrible, I can't believe it's happening in our country, it's a little on the stupid side I think, on both parties. I wouldn't give you the Democrats or the Republicans, really," said Larry Reed.

Senate leaders said Monday they are optimistic about a possible compromise soon.

Meanwhile, Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling by Thursday so the government can pay its bills.

"If we elect our officials why can't they follow through with everything? And when the election omes around, they should not be voted back in, that's for sure," said Sally Reed.


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