Holiday Shopping, But Which Holiday?

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- Many enjoyed the day off today for Columbus Day and some people took advantage of the three day weekend and went shopping.  Many stores had Columbus Day sales and some people took advantage of the sales to start their Christmas shopping.

Most of the stores at the Lycoming Mall have Columbus Day sales and some people say those 60 and 70 percent off signs are hard to resist.  People have mixed feelings when it comes to Christmas shopping on Columbus Day but we found a lot of people buying presents.

Many of the stores at the Lycoming Mall in Muncy Township are decorated for fall but some people already have Christmas on their minds

"It will be here before you know it."

Sharon and Heather Savidge of Northumberland had the day off from work and school and got started on their Christmas shopping.

"Time goes so fast and when you work all day and don't have a lot of time to look around and shop," said Sharon Savidge of Northumberland.

Columbus Day sale signs hang in the windows of almost all of the stores inside the mall.  The holiday deals convinced the Dauberman family to start Christmas shopping even though they say this is a bit late for them.

"I usually start in August.  That way I'm not scrambling around and not all stressed out when the holiday season comes.  I like to get it done as soon as I possibly can," said Suzie Dauberman of Lock Haven.

"Usually I'm pretty well done, but I didn't get started early this year.  I'm trying to catch up a little bit," said Jeanne Dauberman of Avis.

Not everyone is in the holiday spirit.  Some people at the Lycoming Mall think it's just too early to start Christmas shopping.

"There's no decorations, you're not in the mood to get out.  There's no Christmas Carols.  I do better under pressure, last-minute shopping," said Marie Herman of Lewisburg.

"Give yourself a little bit of time to enjoy the fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving with friends and family," advised Lori Goodrich of Benton.

Many of the stores at the Lycoming Mall are hiring for the holiday season.  If you are looking for seasonal work and employee discounts, you may want to stop in.