Flight 93 Memorial Trip Cancelled

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ST. CLAIR -- Some say it seems every day, more average Americans are being touched by the government shutdown.  A group in Schuylkill County is the latest.

The St. Clair Historical Society knows it's hallowed ground. It's where Flight 93 crashed in Western Pennsylvania on 9/11 and killed all on board. The 2001 tragedy happened when passengers attacked the terrorists who took control of the jet.  Some believe it was going to be used as a missile on the Capitol building or the White House. A memorial was established and thousands have visited.

The St. Clair Historical Society planned to take a bus trip to the memorial, until members got word the site was closed because of the government shutdown.

Betty Prybolski said she was disappointed.

"This was one of our fundraisers that we have. We do several trips, to help us finance us keeping up this building and all."

William Bowler of the historical society blames Congress for not getting a budget deal, forcing the shutdown and closing the Flight 93 Memorial.

"I think they have forgotten about the people who sent them there to do our job. I think they are looking out for someone else's interest others than ours." Bowler explained.

Ted Thorn, the president of the historical society, said he is disgusted with the lack of action by the Congress on a budget deal.

"They're elected by us, they're the voice of the people and I think they are serving their own interests by forestalling all of this."

Officials of the St. Clair Historical Society predict they'll plan another trip to the Flight 93 Memorial sometime this spring. If you'd like to go, give the folks at the historical society a call.