10-Week-Old Puppy Stolen from Country Junction

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TOWAMENSING TOWNSHIP --Employees at the Country Junction near Lehighton are keeping a closer eye on their animals after what happened this weekend.

Management says sometime around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday a 10-week old Red Dachshund was stolen from the store.

"When an animal is stolen it becomes very alarming because we're not sure if the puppy is going to get to a good home, and that's our biggest concern, the safety and welfare of the puppy," Michael Burke, vice president of Country Junction said.

Employees believe someone walked into an area for employees only on Saturday. That's when they believe someone took the puppy when employees were helping other customers.

"It was the cutest thing in the world. It would have made a great family pet," Krista DeLuca of Effort said.

DeLuca brought her college friend, Emma Goodrich to Country Junction on Saturday. Goodrich said everyone was in awe over the puppies.

"Everyone was really giving them attention but nobody was really like in the area because they couldn't... I didn't think they could get into the area," Goodrich said.

Workers say with Country Junction's fall festival going on they're seeing larger crowds in the store on the weekends.

Customers say it's upsetting that someone might take advantage of the crowds to steal a puppy.

"What are you possibly going to steal a dog for? Like there is no reason to steal a dog. If you want a dog that bad you should be able to afford it in the first place. If not you shouldn't be taking the dog," Goodrich said.

Management said they are looking back at surveillance video to see if they can get a description of the person responsible.

"We're looking at surveillance cameras right now, going back through the footage," Burke said.

Anyone who might have seen anything or has information on the stolen puppy is asked to call state police in Lehighton.


  • SammyJo

    @dawn leslie… EXACTLY. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe the thief thought they were doing something kind.

  • Dawn Leslie Saiani

    Their care of their animals is lacking. I can not tell you how many times I have been in there and brought an ill animal to their attention. Lets just say enough that now when I walk through they give me “a look”. There is a regular or 2 who work in that area. I have never and I mean never seen her interact with an animals like she even slightly cares.They are a business. I am surprised they actually sale any at what they charge. Yet they all seem to leave and they get new pups. I wonder where they do go????

  • Ginger Outlaw

    Sad people got to steal& so many people there this weekend including out of state…Hope they catch them! They probably didn’t want to pay 800$ for a puppy Not that they can’t afford them at home! Hope the puppy is safe .

  • Linda Weiland

    If this store didn’t have puppies for sale this never would have happened. Hopefully this puppy will have a decent home and not be used as bait in a dog fighting ring. Shame on this store, we all know the puppies came from a puppy mill. And shame on anyone who actually buys one for allowing puppy mills to continue to profit from the suffering of the breeding dogs.

    • Dawn Leslie Saiani

      Agree. Over priced puppymill dogs. I stop through there at least 2x a month. Possibly ythe workers in the animals area should spend more time caring for the animals and less time standing around talking.

  • Helen

    @Stacia Scheitrum: “only option”? Really? Because the SPCA or the craigslist “FREE” ads aren’t options, right? Pure ignorance. The person who stole this puppy is going to resell it. And as for CJ being concerned whether or not it is going to a good home, they never deny anyone with money whether they are good people or not. They don’t care about the dogs well being. They care about the money.

  • Stacia Scheitrum

    “What are you possibly going to steal a dog for?” Hummm let me think about that… any pet store charges way to much to purchase a pet. Paying $400-600 or more for a pet is ridiculous. Most normal families can afford to buy food and vet care, but to pay that much for a pet is just not in some peoples budget. While I don’t agree with stealing maybe that was that person’s only option. I hope the pup is ok and with a loving family, but retailers should really consider their prices and where they get their pups from. Most of them come from puppy mills not private breeders and they’re making a fortune off of them. Not to mention with the prices retailers charge most animals are stuck at a store for months of their lives because people can’t afford them.

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