Students Charged After Alleged Fight with Teachers

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — Three high school students face charges after a fight that involved two teachers.

It happened Friday afternoon at Pleasant Valley High School in Monroe County.

According to state police, two students lured another student into a hallway and began fighting.

Two female teachers tried to break it up and were struck in the face, back, ribs and chest.

One student is charged with aggravated assault. The other two are charged with disorderly conduct.


    • Jon Reninger

      It isn,t the kids as much as our court,s which say parents can,t punish bad behavior because it might hurt a child,s phyche I know it isn,t spelled right but you know what I mean.

  • Cindy

    Too many teens, schools and parents today are just trash. No one knows how to act responsibly and civilly anymore. Everything is violence and bullying. I’m so glad I’m no longer in school.

  • Kevin Troy

    You’re absolutely right. If one of the students would have been hurt the parents, ignoring the fact that their child was involved in a fight, would have filed a lawsuit against the teacher and school. Also, if the teachers would have done nothing the parents would have still filed a lawsuit because the teachers did nothing to help. Damned if you do damned if you don’t!

  • Jon Reninger

    If one of these students had been hurt as a result of the teacher,s trying to break up the fight, I can bet the parents would be filling a lawsuit aginst the school district.They can hurt you but you can,t hurt them.

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