Weis Markets Breaks Ground on New Energy-Efficient Store

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SELINSGROVE -- Construction crews are laying the foundation for the brand new Weis Markets store along Route 522 in Selinsgrove.

The new store is being built across the street from the current one.

Weis Markets Director of Public Relations Dennis Curtin says the new one will use 30% less energy.

"What we tried to do every step of the way is planned out. All the equipment that we're going to be putting in is energy-efficient. The refrigeration, the frozen cases," Curtin said.

Curtin says the new store will be partially built with recycled materials. It will use 50% less refrigerant than the average supermarket, which means it will cut down on global warming. LED bulbs will light up the store, along with natural light.

"Our store will have skylights with natural lighting, so when it's a bright sunny day, our lighting system will use less energy," Curtin said.

Curtin says even the store's new floor will help the environment.

"We'll have a specially treated concrete floor that can be treated with ionized water, so you're not putting phosphates and soap into the sewer system," Curtin said.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the new Weis Markets in Selinsgrove will help the local economy.  Curtin says the new store will bring more full and part-time jobs to the area.

Weis Markets anticipates the new store will open sometime late next summer.