Supporters and Opponents Show Up To Mark Kessler Hearing

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GILBERTON -- Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler called it his "final stand."

Inside the Gilberton municipal building, Kessler and his attorney had a public hearing about Kessler's possible termination, before the hearing was halted after one of Kessler's supporters dropped a gun on the ground.

Outside, despite the rain, some of Kessler's supporters stood guard.

"He is doing the best job anybody could and he's a hero. I'm a Vietnam veteran and I'll tell you what, this man is standing up for America, not just for the little town of Gilberton," said William Harris of Franklin County.

Kessler has been drumming up support using social media. He asked his supporters to show up at the public hearing. On his own Facebook page, he recently posted a message asking people to stock up on ammo and magazines for their weapons and join local militias.

"I agree 100%. Our country is heading down a dangerous time, and a patriot will be a scorned individual in times of need," said a supporter from Bucks County who only wanted to be identified as "Big Red."

Of course not everyone at the halted hearing was a Mark Kessler fan. There were people there who wanted nothing more than for him to be fired.

"I think it's time someone starts a charity that takes some money in for Kessler's mental health. There's something seriously wrong I believe, and it's sad," said Gene Stilp of Dauphin County.


  • Geff

    No one in law enforcement can be effective when half of the people you are supposed to protect fear for their lives, safety or even fair treatment just because of their political beliefs.

    • nobody

      No one in America can feel safe when law enforcement abuse their powers. He is in the middle somewhere, on one hand, I applaud him for standing up for our rights, on the other I know to get to police chief he has done unethical things, as anyone who’s job it is to obtain convictions to depend upon promotions and an increase in salary can not be ethical.

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