Starving Puppies Found Abandoned Along the Road

BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP--- Four puppies and their mother were found abandoned and starving alongside a road in Bear Creek Township.

Officials at the SPCA in Luzerne County tell Newswatch 16 one of those puppies did not survive the harsh conditions they were found in last Friday.

A passerby discovered the animals left inside a pet carrier with a bag of dog food next to the cage on Meadow Run Road.

You can contact the Luzerne County SPCA at 570-825-4111 if you would like to make a donation or adopt one of the puppies after they are well enough to be put up for adoption.

Anyone with information on who abandoned the puppies should contact authorities in Luzerne County.

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  • Linda Faux

    What is wrong with people today, I have hear several stories in recent days about people dumping dogs,WHY you can just give them away for free or take to a shelter, you shold have to prove that your income is enough to provide for pets and have several references,and have random checks on your home and also if you are not a breeder it should be manditory to spaythem…

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