Owners Survey Damage After Fire Destroys Coal Township Homes

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COAL TOWNSHIP -- A late night fire heavily damaged two houses and forced at least two people out of their homes near Shamokin.

It started around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday on South Berry Street in Coal Township.

Ann Tym and her family looked over the damage to the house they all grew up in on North Berry Street just outside Shamokin.  Tym's father lives there by himself and called her when he saw flames.

"And I see the firefighters going in and out of our house and not knowing for sure what's going on, seeing the flames and smoke just pouring out everywhere," said Ann Tym.

Pictures from just a few hours earlier show the smoke and flames that destroyed Tym's home and the one right next to it.  No one was hurt but firefighters believe a dog died in the fire.

Because of how windy it was, flames spread quickly.  Neighbors say they were concerned that the fire would spread to their houses.

"These old houses, they just go up. There was no time. In the time that started to the time that it stopped, there was no time at all," said neighbor Kristina Chelborg.

Tym and her family are not sure what, if anything, they can save from inside the house.

"My brothers and I were born and raised in this house.  It was in our family for at least 70 years.  It's all gone."

Firefighters are not sure was caused the fire.  A state police fire marshal is expected later this week to investigate.