Officer Accused Of Sex With Underage Girl

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WYOMING -- A part-time police officer from Luzerne County has been suspended. He was arraigned last night, accused of having sex with an underage girl and supplying alcohol to teens.

Wyoming borough police respond to a call, but now the department is one officer short. Part-time officer Cody Smith, 21,  has been suspended after he was arrested for corruption of minors and supplying alcohol to minors.

According to court papers, a 16-year-old girl accused Smith of supplying alcohol at several parties with teens and having sex with her multiple times.

"Nothing surprises me anymore, but they really do need to do further checks before anybody gets into any type of social services," said Rosemary Wyatt, of Wyoming.

According to court papers, the young girl involved with Smith told police he dumped her earlier this year, saying he could no longer see her because he's now 21 years old.

One woman, who didn't want to be identified, says she knows Smith and is shocked to hear the news.

"He comes into my store, so he seems like a nice kid, seemed like a nice kid at the time but obviously he's not."

Newswatch 16 stopped by Smith's home in Wyoming, hoping to talk to him, but no one answered.

Rosemary Wyatt lives in Wyoming and has a 21-year-old daughter. She says she's happy to hear this young girl came forward.

"A lot of times, they're so afraid, especially because they're a cop. They think there might be retaliation. But I think she's very brave for doing that," said Wyatt.

Cody Smith is free on bail.


  • James Koloski

    Maybe he thought she was older cuz I know aloof teen girls go after guys for drugs, alchol and sex!!!!!!! Why do they always blame not he guys not girls??? Seems they look for attention and pity

  • Jim

    I’m surprised this arrest actually occurred. His mother is dating the Wyoming mayor so it makes me wonder if there were more incidents that were swept under the rug.

  • Brie

    The alcohol charges I understand, however it was consensual sex. The only reason she is saying anything is because he dumped her! The PA Law states that you can consent to sex with someone UP TO 4 years older than you started at age 16. Well, 20 would be 4 years older than 16. He broke up with her when he had to, He has done nothing wrong as far as sexual allegations go.

    • nobody

      actually, the law says 14 is the legal age of consent if up to 4 years ( called a Romeo Law) and 16 is the legal age of consent. HOWEVER: corruption of minors just states that the community may find that he changed the teen’s “morals” by sleeping with her. Corruption of Minors also has a Megans law implication should it be found “in a sexual nature”

    • Mary Sturdevant

      That was my thought as well. The law allows for up to four years difference and it sounds like he did the right thing when it would be a violation for the relationship to continue. As for serving alcohol to minors, they are going to need a lot more evidence than one 16 year old ex-girlfriend to prove he provided it this long after the event. This is America people – he’s innocent until PROVEN guilty.

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