Man Nabbed After Alleged Robbery Attempt Of His Former Boss

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TAYLOR -- A search for a would-be robber didn't take long for police in Lackawanna County because the suspect allegedly held up his old boss at a gas station in Taylor.

And police say that gas station manager wasn't the only person to see the robber's failed attempt.

There is heavy construction going on South Keyser Avenue in Taylor and Scranton.  The place is full of construction workers and drivers in the middle of the day so, it may not be the best time to try to rob a gas station. But, police say that's what happened at the Turkey Hill around noon when several people say they saw the man try to rob a manager there.

Jose Vasquez, 19, of Taylor told police he had fallen on hard times and needed money so he thought up a plan to rob the place where he used to work: Turkey Hill gas station and convenient mart on North Keyser Avenue.

According to court papers, Vasquez covered his face with a t-shirt and walked up to Turkey Hill at the same time his old manager was walking out with $5,000 in cash to be deposited at the bank.

Vasquez told police he pointed a pellet gun at the manager, banged it on his car window, and demanded the cash but, through his disguise the manager recognized Vasquez and sped off and called police.

Police say Vasquez ran away after the unsuccessful robbery but this all unfolded in front of a construction crew working on a gas line right in front of turkey hill.

Workers also called police, and later helped them identify Vasquez when police caught up with him at his home right down the street in Maple Manor trailer park.  It was there police say that Vasquez admitted to his failed plan.

Jose Vasquez is facing charges of attempted robbery and simple assault. He was taken to be arraigned Thursday afternoon.

No one was hurt during the whole ordeal and the work day on South Keyser Avenue continued as normal.


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