Woman Cleared Of Animal Cruelty Charges

col animal cruelty

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP — The owner of a horse farm accused of animal cruelty has been found not guilty on all charges.

On Tuesday, a magisterial district judge cleared Maria Hayes of the animal cruelty counts.

Hayes runs a boarding stable in Mifflin Township and houses a number of animals owned by her and by others who pay to board their animals there.

In February, a horse at her facility had to be euthanized and an investigation determined four other horses had signs of malnutrition.

Authorities charged Hayes in August with five counts of animal cruelty.


  • Parker

    It saddens me greatly that a veterinarian is allowed to get away with accusing an innocent woman and dragging her name thru the mud. To be honest, I don’t know which bothers me more, a vet who does nothing the first time she called out and then cannot see what is in front of her own face because she is such a miserable person, the officer who by claiming a few seminars deems himself an expert, or the person in the commonwealth who authorized the charges without sufficient evidence. There was no crime committed by this person. I am so glad that the judge saw the error in this great injustice.

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