Superhero Scarecrows All Around Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- There are some interesting characters all over the streets of Honesdale and they're all stuffed with straw.

The community in Wayne County is once again holding a scarecrow contest tying into this weekend's Harvest and Heritage Days festival and we found a lot of creativity on display this year.

There's Captain America all stuffed with hay outside Dime Bank. Around the corner, Clark Kent sits at a desk hard at work outside Honesdale National Bank. Across the street, Superman is stopping a speeding train.

The theme of this year's scarecrow contest in Honesdale is superheroes.  Some are recognizable. Others, like Ninja Cat at Cat's Pajamas, or Zilla Bride at Mary Beth Bridal and Boutique, took a little imagination.

"I'm hoping Zilla here wins the contest."

Sandy Grandinetti had fun with her creation, but says this certainly doesn't represent her customers here.

"Every now and again we get (a bridezilla)," Grandinetti said. "It's usually the bridesmaids who are the 'zillas," she laughed.

Around 40 businesses are taking part in this contest, leading up to Honesdale's annual Harvest and Heritage Days festival this weekend.

"It's fantastic, some of these dummies, up and down the street are just wild, they're just cool," said Tom Fasshauer at Art's for Him and Her Too.

Outside their store is another Clark Kent, of course wearing a suit.

"I don't even know if this is one of our suits, because it's pretty old.  My wife came up with this idea."

It's not just businesses in Honesdale itself taking part.  Antler Ridge Winery is on the road to Waymart. It, too, is getting pretty creative. A lot of places are spending a lot of time with their designs.

Wanda the Wine Diva is catching attention. Wonderdog at Olsommer Clarke Insurance is, too. Its designer was Robin Rowan.

"I come up with an idea and never really know the way it's going to go until it's done," Rowan said. "It's neat; it's something different, getting businesses seen driving through by people like yourself."

You can see the scarecrows in Honesdale through October 15. The Harvest and Heritage Days festival is Saturday and Sunday.