Alleged Serial Burglars in Custody

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SCRANTON — Scranton Police said they have a pair of serial burglars in custody.

Officers said the men broke into several homes in the city between November of 2012 and April of 2013.

Investigators said Christopher Stone is a roofer and used his job to scope out potential victims.

John Jennings has been arrested in the past for similar crimes in Dunmore and Blakely. He’s currently locked up on those charges.

A judge in Lackawanna County released Stone on bail.


  • susan

    Bob… Chris owes me alot of money. Offered him the chance to pay it back by roofing. Sure looks like I will have to hire an attorney to recover my hard earned money lent through a contract, but all I got in return were lies. Never one attempt to pay anything. It would only help his case to resolve this. He knows how to contact me but never does.

  • Nadyne L Remetz (@NadyneLRemetz)

    Stone was on my front porch giving me an estimate on a porch repair job. My phone started to ring so I excused myself explaining I would return to the porch in a minute after answering my phone. I went into my house answered the phone, and made the call very short as I explained to my calling friend that I would call back later. I hung up the phone and turned around suddenly startled to find Christoper Stone standing right behind me in my house. He wasn’t looking at me but he was looking all around the room as if to take eyeball inventory. it gave me a very uneasy feeling. Due to that experience I chose to give the work to someone else. Christopher Stone became verbally enraged when I told him someone else was going to do the job.

    • smith

      CHRIS STONE has been in and out of jail so many times that I feel sorry for his poor motherwho lives on north washington ave a block over me.He has been trouble too his parents since he was a teenager,always in trouble.HE needs too go buy-buy for a long time.

      • bob

        im chris’s brother my brother was in trouble yes i agree but he was never a thief and i dont believe he did it they have no evidence against him but they do have evidence against jennings hes trying to put the blame on my brother so dont place guilt on my brother when you dont know the facts shame on you

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