Two Accused Of Sex Crimes

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AUBURN TOWNSHIP — Two people from Susquehanna County are accused of abusing three girls for nearly a decade.

Police say Joseph Benson, 64, from Auburn Township, near Meshoppen raped the three from ages 9 into adulthood.

Linda Denniston, 57, is charged with putting children in danger because she allegedly knew about the abuse but did nothing about it.


  • bobby

    Just look at their faces!!!! How stupid they look!!!!! Hope their mugs shots are not that bad when they are processed for the big house!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • bobby

    It happened and you know it did. Them two will be doing some good jail time and maybe they can both get them self’s cleaned up and look like humans instead of dirty old bags. Oh, wait, I called them humans!!! They are lower than whale (you know what!!!)

  • Edward

    I am outraged by this story. Whomever wrote the first reply should be ashamed. No one is arrested without probable cause! This woman should have protected these 3 girls instead of her boyfriend. Educated or not this is an a sad situation. I can only hope that the community and extended family can help these young ladies.

    • Sundown

      Agreed, clearly this woman is likely covering up the way some abusers are by family members who fail to think that their kin are somehow exempt from possibly doing anything wrong or bad simply because they share the same gene pool…and just because they don’t touch the one, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t anyone else…sex offenders are know for being pardon the expression; “choosey,” for one reason or another..

  • catherine

    you people are disgusting for posting this. i’ve lived with these people since i was 1 year old and my grandfather NEVER touched me nor did he or would he ever touch anyone else that lived in this household. pennsylvania’s police system makes me sick!

  • dave neece

    the women and man showed her look totally uneducated and both should be thrown in jail for the rest of there miserable lives especially the mother that left this happen give them both a bath with a fire hose

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