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Owners Offering Reward for Stolen Puppies

McCLURE — The owners of a kennel in Snyder County are asking the person or people who stole their puppies to bring them back, no questions asked. They are even offering a reward for the puppies’ safe return.

The owners say two of those stolen puppies have not had their shots yet and are not even old enough to be away from their mothers. State police say the puppies were taken from a kennel near McClure sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Bobby and Amanda Henry are doing their best to carry on after four puppies were stolen from their kennel near McClure.

“I realized soon that they weren’t there. I came out to the front and saw the gate was messed up and broken into,” Bobby said.

The stolen puppies include two nine-week-old Dobermans and two Siberian Huskies, which are five and seven weeks old. All are females, and the owners say they are worth a total of around $4,000.

“They really put these pups at risk,” Amanda said.

The Henrys say these puppies are from the same litter as the younger husky that was stolen.

The owners fear the puppies will not get the proper vet care they need at this stage of their young lives.

“A couple of them had their shots but they don’t know that. If they give them shots again, it could cause more damage,” Amanda said.

It’s not just the Henrys who are suffering. There are four families who are also hurting. All four of the stolen puppies were already spoken for and all four of them were already paid for.

“They had already bought things for these pups. They had names picked out. We would send them pictures every week of their growth,” Amanda said.

The Henrys put a pen in the backyard kennel at their home on Ridge Road near McClure. They are asking the thief or thieves to bring the puppies back and leave them in the pen, no questions asked.

“They’re not just dogs. These are family and friends and we love them and care about them,” Bobby said.

Again, the puppy owners are offering a reward for the safe return of the puppies, or for any information leading to the arrest or conviction of whoever is responsible. If you have any information you are asked to call state police.


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